Free places on our tours in autumn

Eydís Schafabtrieb 16We have still some places left on our tours „autumn breeze, sheep and seals“ from 31.08.-11.09.2017 and „sheep and horse round up in Miðfjörður“ 05.09.-11.09. for riders.
To see behind the curtain what it is all about have a look at the video from our friend Tobias Mennle on Vimeo. He made this video last year when we had wonderful weather.

If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask us

Horse Round ups 2017

pferdeabtrieb15-4And the round up is the highlight and the end of the riding season in Iceland. Hundred’s of horses, fillies, mares and unique in our region ,at the same time the farmers gathering also hundreds of sheep .This yearly event is a good way to get to know Icelanders and some of their traditions and the Icelandic horse shows his talents: Full of energy, strong and sure-footed is it an inalienable partner for this work! Welcome to take part on horseback – sheep, pretty wild young horses and fillies!And at the end of the work on satur day evening we attend a real Icelandic party in the community house with live band and dance.Date:05.09.-11.09. Or you like to be a part of Eggert Pálssons family and help them to take the sheep back home to his farm – a lot of work and fun together with the members of the family on horse back and feet you – there you become an real Icelandic farmer…. date 21.9.-27.9. And our last round up is on the wonderful peninsula Vatnsnes , nice riding paths and an adventurous tour over a mountain on Saturday morning where we drive the free horse down to the „rétt“ , it is a traditional old one with turf and grass on the top. Date 27.09.-03.10. All the round ups in our program a very traditional and special and not a show for tourists.And be careful I´m very often come home from these events with a horse more for our stable…. And here like all our riding tours are the horses pretty good, a high riding level and little groups. Welcome!schaf15-2schaf15-1

Riding tours in Iceland since 39 years

Yes we are running riding tours since 39 years…. in the beginning it was an adventure without mobile phone and GPS. Overnights in tents and very adventurous riders and guides. And times have changed but we are still running tours for experienced riders but now we have luxurious overnights ( if you compare it with tents..) And years ago was the first question from the guests where are the horses? And now it is very often do you have internet connection….B U T we have still very good horses , little groups and very often a free running herd horses with us like it traditionally ever was in Iceland and this creates are very special atmosphere. Our tours are different so everybody find something Riding,nature, experience is a tour which fits great if you are the first time in Iceland and you are interested in riding and sightseeing. Great valley ride is unique 15 days adventure to Snæfellsnes and rides on the the famous white beach Löngufjörur.
Little valley tour in a unique landscape in region Dalir with beautiful valleys and we cross a fjorð when the tie is low it is magic!Or our very comfortable Easter tour Horses and Hot pools v, riding in our beautiful valley, delicious icelandic food , relaxing in hot water and wonderful and interesting sightseeing fits good for families (non rider reduction ) welcome and enjoy our 39 years experience!

Easter in Iceland

DSC02112We have places available on our various program on easter horses and hot pools 13.4.-20.4.17. Nice rides in our river valley, Icelandic specialties on the table, spa in natural hot water swimming pools,excursions to see more and become acquaintance with people and country for example impressive peninsula Snæfellsnes!This program fits perfect for families (reduction for none riders)Come and enjoy!ostern-15-1ostern-15-2!cid_C41F93BA-B0F1-4667-BE31-B97C03A15ED3

Summer 2017 Hiking Riding in Iceland

We have a very special winter, arctic temperatures or thaw now it ice cold and snowy. But it is sure the summer 2017 is coming and on some hiking tours and riding tours we have places available- come and join us!
The northern light tours in February are fully booked
All the riding tours has places available except Riding, nature , adventure on 10.8.
All the hiking tours except spring time and Around iceland 27.6. and 18.7.has places available. winter greetings Claudia

Northernlights in Iceland

Are you looking for a wonderful Christmas gift? guesthouse-winter-16-claudiaWe have still places available on our Tour Northern lights tour in February 09.02.-14.02/16.02.-21.02.17

Apartment to rent Iceland Farm Brekkulækur October -Easter

We have a nice apartment to rent from Oct.-Easter for 2-5 people short or long for. Relax, Nature, Northern lights .More information

Dates 2017 Hiking and Riding tours /Brekkulækur

We had a very busy summer and now wonderful autumn weather! We are working on our homepage she is still under construction and not ready, for example the dates for the round up´s are not confirmed from our farmers, they can change! Don´t hesitate to write us an email if you need more information!

Round up Horses and Sheeps

The summer is nice good weather sunny and warm and a lot of nice guests!There are a few places available on our riding tours in august but all our hiking tours are fully booked, except our last hiking tour Autumn breeze, sheep and seals 25.08. – 5.9., we got the Nordic Travel Award for this wonderful journey , we taking really part gathering sheeps in the highland and sorting them on the next day, there are also a lot of young horses, filly’s and mares around us – what a beautiful day! And we go north by mini bus to explore Lake Myvatn famous region with a lot of hot water, pseudo crater and more.Contact us!

Horses and hot Pools- Easter in Iceland and more

First of all Gleðilegt ár!

we offer a very nice program with 4 dates in spring called horses and hot pools. It is for riders and non riders and perfect for families, we doing short rides (only riders no beginners) walks, excursions and see a lot of interesting things! Relaxing and good atmosphere in our guesthouse and also 2 days on the wonderful peninsula Snæfellsnes!

And for self drivers our guesthouse is situated in a nice quite river valley, offers rooms in different categories and also a cosy apartment(self catering). And there is a lot to discover here in the northwest part of Iceland , the biggest seal colony in Iceland, famous rocks, waterfalls and more! There is an offer in may: Stay 3 nights pay only 2!