Terms and Conditions

1. Bookings
Bookings can be made by e-mail (info@abbi-island.is), by telephone (+354 451 2938), via our webpage (www.abbi-island.is) or by post to Arinbjörn Jóhannsson Erlebnistouren, Brekkulækur, 531 Hvammstangi, ICELAND.
We will endeavour to confirm your booking in writing within 2 working days. Special requests as well as the total amount due are shown in the booking confirmation. You will receive your invoice along with the booking confirmation.
2. Payment
A deposit of 33% of the total amount is due within 10 days after receiving the booking confirmation and the invoice. The remaining payment must have reached Arinbjörn Jóhannsson Erlebnistouren 6 weeks prior to arrival. After full payment has been received by Arinbjörn Jóhannsson Erlebnistouren, travel documents will be mailed to you. Please note that bank transfers from abroad may result in banking fees that are to be paid by the customer.
3. Provided services
The services provided are stated in the online description of your trip, our brochure and in the booking confirmation you receive. The services are binding to the tour operator. However, Arinbjörn Jóhannsson Erlebnistouren reserves the right to adjust tour arrangements due to technical, significant or unpredictable reasons. Changes will always be carried out in agreement with the customer and before closing the contract.
4. Cancellation by the customer
Customers can at any time withdraw from a purchased trip. All cancellations must be made in writing and must be confirmed by Arinbjörn Jóhannsson Erlebnistouren. The cancellation takes effect on the day it reaches Arinbjörn Jóhannsson Erlebnistouren. When a customer cancels a booking or fails to cancel and does not start his booked trip, the following cancellation fees apply.
Cancellation fees:
Up to 30 days prior to arrival: 15% of the travel price
Up to 29 – 7 days prior to arrival: 33% of the travel price
Up to 6 – 3 days prior to arrival: 90% of the travel price
Later cancellation or no show: 100 % of the travel price
The above cancellation costs are in addition to amendment and cancellation fees of service providers other than Arinbjörn Jóhannsson Erlebnistouren, for example airlines carriers. A travel cancellation insurance is not included in the travel price. Arinbjörn Jóhannsson Erlebnistouren recommends obtaining such an insurance.
If a change to an already booked trip is requested by the customer, we charge a € 60 amendment fee per person, in addition to amendment fees our partners might have. Please note that some of our partners have stricter cancellation policies, for instance airlines. Please ask for adjustment fees when booking a tour, an activity etc. not operated by Arinbjörn Jóhannsson Erlebnistouren.
5. Cancellation of groups by Arinbjörn Jóhannsson Erlebnistouren
Arinbjörn Jóhannsson Erlebnistouren reserves the right to cancel a group tour up to 6 weeks prior to arrival if the minimum number of participants has not been reached. In this case, the already paid travel expenses will be refunded. Please note that in the case of third-party services, e.g. flights and excursions, the cancellation conditions of the other service providers apply.
6. Price Changes
Arinbjörn Jóhannsson Erlebnistouren reserves the right to increase the prices published in its brochure and webpage under exceptional circumstances and in case of necessity. Reasons for an increase may be exchange rate fluctuations, a rise in taxes determined by the government, e.g. VAT and changes in transport costs e.g. fuel costs.
7. Liability
The operator is liable within the scope of due diligence of an ordinary vendor for:
• preparing the tour reliably
• careful selection and supervision of service providers (hotels, etc.)
• accuracy of service descriptions as stated in the brochure/webpage of Arinbjörn Jóhannsson Erlebnistouren (unless the operator declares a change in information provided on the homepage before close of a contract)
• proper fulfilment of the contracted travel service, while taking into account local and regional service customs.
Arinbjörn Jóhannsson Erlebnistouren disclaims responsibility for any loss, damage, accident, injury, sickness or schedule change due to weather, strikes, road conditions or any other causes beyond Arinbjörn Jóhannsson Erlebnistouren‘s control. Arinbjörn Jóhannsson Erlebnistouren reserves the right to change travel routes due to before mentioned causes. No liability is assumed for baggage.
Arinbjörn Jóhannsson Erlebnistouren cannot be held responsible for the acts of a Third Party (airline, hotel or a guesthouse, restaurant, etc.). In case of changes, such as changes in flight schedule, the customer bears any additional cost, such as extra hotel nights, meals, etc.
Arinbjörn Jóhannsson Erlebnistouren has a valid Travel Insolvency Insurance in accordance with Tourism Act No. 73/2005 including subsequent amendments. The latter is in accordance with Council Directive 90/314 / EEC of 13 June 1990 on package holidays, which forms an integral part of the EEA Treaty.
In the event of insolvency or opening of insolvency proceedings over the assets of the tour operator, this insurance will ensure the reimbursement of necessary expenses for the return trip of foreign participants, the fulfilment of services included in a vacation package commenced and the reimbursement of prepayments made by participants of package tours.
8. Duties of the traveller
The traveller is obligated to:
• check the confirmed booking and invoice for their correctness and to notify Arinbjörn Jóhannsson Erlebnistouren immediately of any inaccuracies or deviations.
• agree to comply with all reasonable instructions and requests made by the tour guide and the tour operator
• agree to comply with the rules and regulations of the travelling country
• show regard to fellow travellers
The client is personally responsible for his actions and shall be liable for any damage caused by him. In case of non-compliance by the traveller, the tour operator may demand that he withdraw from the trip. Costs incurred by the traveller as a result of his actions are borne by him.
9. Warranty and relief
If travel services are not provided as specified in the contract, the client reserves the right to relief. Arinbjörn Jóhannsson Erlebnistouren reserves the right to provide redress in the form of an equivalent alternative service. Arinbjörn Jóhannsson Erlebnistouren can refuse remedy if it requires a disproportionate effort.
The client has the right to demand a reduction in the travel price, if he reports inadequacy to the tour guide. If no tour guide is available, he may report directly to Arinbjörn Jóhannsson Erlebnistouren. Telephone, email and fax numbers appear in the travel documents. If the client fails to report perceived shortcomings, he forfeits his rights to reduction.
If a journey is significantly impaired as a result of deficiency and the tour operator does not remedy within a reasonable time, the client may terminate the travel contract within the scope of statutory provisions. The client shall expediantly provide a written declaration to the tour operator as proof of his withdrawal. The same applies if the client is unable to carry out his travel due to a defect which was identifiable to the tour operator. The period of redress shall apply in all cases except those in which redress is impossible or rejected by the tour operator or immediate termination of the agreement is justified by client´s special interest.
The client may claim compensation for non-performance irrespective of any reduction in price or right to termination, unless the tour defect derives from circumstances for which Arinbjörn Jóhannsson Erlebnistouren is not responsible.
10. Flights
For flights, travellers should familiarize themselves with the general terms and conditions of respective airlines:
Icelandair: http://www.icelandair.de/information/travel-terms-and-conditions/conditions-of-carriage/

In the event of baggage damage, loss or delays, the customer shall immediately notify the relevant air carrier in the event of baggage damage or loss, at the latest within 7 days of the discovery of the damage and within a delay of 21 days after delivery. This is the prerequisite for liability of the airfreight carrier. If the customer accepts a travel bag without reservation, it justifies the presumption that it was delivered undamaged. It is therefore recommended to report the baggage loss or loss at the destination airport to the shipping agent of the exporting airline.
11. Insurance
Unless otherwise stated in the travel description, no travel insurance is included in the travel price. For your own safety, we recommend obtaining insurance of luggage, accidents, sickness and travel liability. We recommend the EUROPEAN TRAVEL INSURANCE, which you can conclude on our homepage. Please remember to take your European Health Insurance Card, which is available from your health insurance company.