Round-up 2017
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Puffin Spring Hihglights 2016
Arinbjörn, Claudia and Pálina

Travel information

Hiking I 
We sometimes walk over rough ground without roads or paths. Hiking up to 4 hours a day. Participants should be generally fit and healthy. No previous knowledge necessary.

Hiking II
We sometimes walk over rough grounds without paths. Hiking up to 8 hours a day (without luggage) . Participants should be fairly fit, healthy and steadfast.

Hiking III
We mostly walk over rough ground without roads or paths, we have to cross rivers and carry luggage (incl. sleeping-bag). Participants should be fit, healthy and steadfast.
Our mountain huts are simple but warm, clean and well equipped with goods and cooking utensils. However, we all have to carry some of the fresh food we need as well as our personal daily things.

Things to bring along for hiking tours::
Comfortable well-fitting water-proof hiking shoes, slippers, rain-proof clothes (jacket and trousers), hiking-bag, gloves and cap, bathing costume or trunks, sunglasses, warm, functional clothing, sleeping bag (Hiking III), trekking-rucksack (Hiking III only), hiking-sandals or similar shoes for river-crossings (Hiking III only).

Riding I – Riders with a good basic knowledge
It is no problem for you to ride and handle a safe horse in all gaits outside. It is possible for children to take part in this tour if they have enough riding experience. (Tour: Horses and hot Pools.)

Riding II – Experienced riders only
We are riding at a lively pace, challenging terrain, river crossing, partly with free-running horses (pack-horses, exchange horses, young horses) and we appreciate it when our guests help driving and keeping the herd together. (Riding, Nature, Experience; Round-ups.)

All riding programs offered are not suitable for beginners. Only for experienced riders. Good basic fitness, athleticism and health are necessary for all of our riding programs! Please state your weight and age when booking.

Things to bring along for riding tours::
Boots, warm functional riding-clothes, comfortable hiking shoes, gloves and ear-muffs, bathing costume or trunks, slippers, riding-helmet, sunglasses.
We can provide water-proof clothes and riding-helmets if necessary.

At last:
Please note that some guest-houses do not serve breakfast for passengers of early morning flights (departure 04:00).

We reserve the right to change programs when absolutely necessary (e.g. extreme weather conditions).

Please understand that we cannot repay for services provided that you don’t wish to use.


According to regulations, riding-clothes and everything else that is bound to come into contact with horses has to be disinfected before travelling to Iceland (unless it is newly bought). Clothes can be chemically dry-cleaned and you can get other things (helmets, boots, etc.) disinfected at Public Health Departments, Institutes for infectious diseases or at the vet, etc. Please keep proof ready on arrival in Iceland. Leather clothes or wax-like jackets are not suitable since they are difficult to disinfect. Fur further information see:

Reservation and consultation

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