Spring has arrived – now hopefully for real!

After it started snowing again last week, we are happy to report that it is gradually getting warmer again and we are very certain that spring will stay with us this time around, but you never know in Iceland 😉 Just in time for the warmer weather our first foal of this year has been born – a very pretty, little mare! The lambing season is in full swing, the Golden plover as Iceland’s herald of spring is of course already here and now the beautiful Arctic tern and the cute Puffins have also arrived! We are already very busy in our guesthouse and our team is very motivated- we are ready for summer season 🙂 If you want to experience Iceland’s nature during this unique period, then we still have a place for you on our Springtime Highlight Tour!

FoalSuch a pretty little mare
PuffinsIt’s always nice to welcome these little guys back to Iceland
Arctic TernSo pretty – and so fierce!
lambsSunbathing on one of the still rare green patches