Ferðir ehf. Environmental Policy

Ferðir ehf. Environmental Policy
1. Tours organized by Ferðir shall be adjusted to local and international plans for natural conservation–such as Agenda 21–in respective locations, and the conservation of northern ecosystems.

2. Input and conduct through every aspect of operation shall consider the nature of Iceland.

3. Organization of operation shall aim to advance sustainability in its broadest meaning, as well as the protection and conservation of Icelandic nature and culture.

4. All operations shall strive to minimize consumption and, thereby, waste and other pollution

5. The operation shall seek to considerately present local customs and culture to visitors

6. Care and consideration shall be taken when interacting with locations of historical significance and areas in which scientific research has been, or is being, conducted

7. Every aspect of operation shall seek to conduct business with local establishments/persons, be it in Ferðir‘s home province or elsewhere in Iceland.

8. 8. Ferðir‘s Environmental Policy shall be presented to employees and subcontractors, who shall be expected to exemplify all visitors‘ interactions with local nature as well as culture.

9. 9. Ferðir shall actively improve the knowledge of staff and subcontractors in environmental, social and cultural issues, so that they can mediate reliable information on the environmental and social elements of areas being visited.

Ferðir‘s Environmental Policy shall be discussed as a separate topic during its General Meetings.