Riding tours in Iceland since 39 years

Yes we are running riding tours since 39 years…. in the beginning it was an adventure without mobile phone and GPS. Overnights in tents and very adventurous riders and guides. And times have changed but we are still running tours for experienced riders but now we have luxurious overnights ( if you compare it with tents..) And years ago was the first question from the guests where are the horses? And now it is very often do you have internet connection….B U T we have still very good horses , little groups and very often a free running herd horses with us like it traditionally ever was in Iceland and this creates are very special atmosphere. Our tours are different so everybody find something Riding,nature, experience is a tour which fits great if you are the first time in Iceland and you are interested in riding and sightseeing. Great valley ride is unique 15 days adventure to Snæfellsnes and rides on the the famous white beach Löngufjörur.
Little valley tour in a unique landscape in region Dalir with beautiful valleys and we cross a fjorð when the tie is low it is magic!Or our very comfortable Easter tour Horses and Hot pools v, riding in our beautiful valley, delicious icelandic food , relaxing in hot water and wonderful and interesting sightseeing fits good for families (non rider reduction ) welcome and enjoy our 39 years experience!