Winter greetings from Iceland – Brekkulækur team

Dear new and old friends and guests Iceland,

Winter still has us under control here in Iceland but we’re looking forward to spring and summer when hiking and horseback riding will become more enjoyable again!
Our „Spring Pearl“ tour starting May 28th will be the first hiking event to start the season. It’s the favourite tour of our boss Arinbjörn: Nature awakens, lambs are born and migratory birds reclaim the land and fill life with its songs.
We walk on foot, by minibus and go on a ferry ride in the western part of Iceland. It’s time to enjoy the awakening nature, take photos and let our soul unwind. Our first riding tour of the year „horses and hot pools“ opens the season (good off-season price). Beautiful rides through our great surroundings, rivers, hills, mountains and a lot of side program are inviting also non-riding friends, family members and partners (non-rider discount).
You can follow us on Insta and FB under Abbi-Island.

Iceland program 2024

Dear Iceland friends,
a long summer has come to an end and autumn is here with all its beautiful colors. We are working on the 2024 program and also to bring the homepage up to date for 2024. Until that’s finished you can always request tours/dates for next year at or simply call 00354 4512938.

Happy Easter – Gleðilega páska

Spring is a long time coming here in Iceland after an unusually harsh winter, but the days are getting longer and the nights are getting bright! At Easter is also our first riding tour, so the stable is full of horses for training and riding horses that start their work again after 5 months of winter vacation…

Booking overview:
There are still a few places left on our summer riding tours and the horse round-up (the highlight for every Icelandic horse rider).

On the hiking tours there are only 3 places left for the tour lava, caves, moor IV (25.7.23) and 2 places for the tour lava, caves, moor V (08.08.23).

Then later in the year at the end of the summer we have our special tour for hikers: The great sheep event on 06.09.23. This tour is a long way off the beaten tourist tracks in Iceland and you’re in the middle of 2- and 4-legged Icelanders and the northern lights season has started – for this tour we received Nordic Travel Award 2016!!

In October our northern light tours are starting (12.10.23 / 26.10.23).

We are looking forward to seeing you and a nice summer!

Iceland program 2023

Dear friends of Iceland,
an eventful summer is over, autumn has arrived and we say, as it‘s the custom in Iceland: „Thank you for the summer“. Now we are working on our 2023 program and our homepage. All dates and tours 2023 are scheduled, if you can’t wait any longer send us an e-mail 😀 On our New Year’s program there are only a few places left but there are still enough places on our Northern Lights Tours 2023: 09.02. – 14.02. or 23.02. – 28.02. Welcome!

Icelandic summer 22 is coming

Dear friends of Iceland,
a harsh winter has been staying here in Iceland, but spring is coming and we are longing for it ☺
Our spring tour for nature friends and bird lovers on 9.6. is fully booked. Our season opening tour „Horses and hot pools“, very suitable for riders, non-riders (discount) and families, with comfortable accommodation, a lot of program and off-season prices, still has places available. There are still places on some summer tours, hiking and horseback riding, but partly very limited. The flights have become more expensive in 2022 and the cheaper seats are already gone on very frequented flights, so it pays off not to wait too long to book!
If you are traveling with a rental car in Iceland and looking for bed & breakfast, our guesthouse will open for individual travelers from April and you can stay with us very cheaply im May if you stay several nights (3 for2). During peak season are still a few opportunities left.
Like all nordic countries, Iceland is gradually withdrawing its strict Covid rules for entry and within the country. All travel insurances are set to Covid and cover also this risk – so nothing stands in the way of a nice travel season and happy holidays in Iceland!


All information about entering Iceland can be found on the website in German and English.

Since the entry requirements keep on changing in Iceland, you can find out about the latest status.

Iceland 2021

Our homepage moved for Christmas so it wasn’t possible to update anything but now ☺Our brochure 21 has been sent with mail and can also be downloaded from our homepage and all tours 21 are there. And there is worry-free vacation planning with us through simplified booking conditions without a deposit and binding until you can see what will be. And we already have a lot, for example the Horse round up at the end of September is not available at the moment. So plan your vacation, write to us and otherwise 2020 has taught us to be flexible is everything, but the many guests who were here in the summer of 20 were rewarded with much fresher Air and plenty of space for everyone in Iceland’s magnificent nature.

Merry Christmas

Start of the new Season

With a slight delay we wish you all the best for 2019! Like every year we had a group here over New Years and have had a very enjoyable time together.
Now we are very excited to start the new season. We already received plenty new bookings, so if you would like to go on one of our awesome trips we highly recommend you to book your next adventure soon.

If you want to meet Abbi in person, you have the chance now in January to visit him at the CMT Fair in Stuttgart in hall 4, stand 4F91. The fair is from 12.01.19 – 20.01.19. We look forward to meet you there!

Abbi and a troll

Dates 2019

2018 is almost over and after golden days in October winter is truly upon us, the days are getting shorter every day and the wind is howling outside. Time for seemingly endless twilight, cookies, candles and cosy evenings inside! We are of course already preparing for the next season 🙂 The homepage has been updated and the dates for next year are the following:

Springtime Highlight: 30.05. – 07.06.
Around Iceland: 04.06. – 16.06. // 25.06. – 07.07. // 16.07. – 28.07. // 13.08. – 25.08.
Nature, Summer and Adventure: 21.06. – 03.07. // 19.07. – 31.07. // 09.08. – 21.08.
Lava, Caves and Moor: 17.06. – 27.06. // 01.07. – 11.07. // 15.07. – 25.07. // 22.07. – 01.08. // 29.07. – 08.08. // 05.08. – 15.08. // 12.08. – 22.08.
Festival of Sheep: 03.09. – 09.09.

Horses and Hot Pools: 18.04. – 23.04. // 02.05. – 07.05.
Riding, Nature and Experience: 27.06. – 04.07. // 11.07. – 18.07. // 21.07. – 28.07. // 01.08. – 08.08. // 15.08. – 22.08.
Horse Round-up Miðfjörður: 03.09. – 09.09.
Horse Round-up Vesturhóp: 25.09. – 01.10.

Winter Tours:
Northern Lights and the Silence of Winter: 21.02. – 26.02. // 28.02. – 05.03. // 10.10. – 15.10. // 31.10. – 05.11.
New Year under Northern Lights: 28.12.19 – 03.01.20

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